How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party for Tweens




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A few weeks ago while having lunch with a dear friend we started talking about our daughters birthday plans and her daughter said she wanted to have a murder mystery party. Her mom had scoured the internet and Pinterest but left coming up a bit short of the perfect theme. Things were to gory, to focused on the death or too character intensive for the guests. Back in my previous like as a youth minister we used to do a Murder Mystery Dinner fundraiser and we would have a cast act out for the guests and it was up to the guests to just enjoy the show and interact but they didn’t need to have to much back story or prep time other than just to arrive and have a good time. So, when I suggested that to my friend Leigh Ann, she gave me the look of that looks like too much work and I volunteered.

It took a few days to develop the plot while she recruited willing participants to act like fools for her a bunch of 10-12 year olds. Surprisingly, more people than what you would think are willing to act a little crazy for kids and a great time. To start planning your own party it is important to cast people that are willing to improvise. You need quick thinkers who are willing to act in character the whole time. Leigh Ann developed a motley crew that ended up being absolutely perfect. I wrote basic parts that gave everyone a back story and how they fit into the current mystery. We let them decide how they would dress and work in their own quirks.

Here is how we set the scenea little moore mmp scene

Here were our cast bios

a little moore mmp cast

A little bio for our cast of characters was enough to spawn a lot of fun over the course of the evening. We served them dinner and acted out around them at a fancy table.


When the kids arrived we let the kids pick out new names to help get them ready for the night.


They were served (extremely poorly but with the greatest of intentions) by the new butler.


We all exaggerated and acted our little hearts out!


I am sure you have your own crew that you can imagine in these crazy roles.


It truly was a lot of fun and the perfect mix of appropriate mystery since we didn’t focus on the death but rather the disappearance. The girls all had a great time and I think I can speak for all of us adults when I say that we did too. I hope this inspires your next murder mystery party!



21 thoughts on “How to Throw a Murder Mystery Party for Tweens

  1. I LOVE this idea! I agree with your friend, most ‘murder mystery’ themes and ideas focus wayy to much on blood and gore and lots of deaths. I will have to ask my daughter about this, her 12th birthday is right around the corner and we’ve been racking our brains about what theme to do, and I bet she would love this!!

  2. Awesome idea! Much more interesting than the “standard” ice cream and cake stuff (unless your kids just really like it). I loved the decoration and getting everyone involved. That’s probably a party everyone will remember for years to come!

  3. That looks so fun! I did one of those back in my college days. A great excuse to dress up and be someone else for the evening! “It wasn’t me…it was the butler!” haha good times!

  4. Throwing a murder mystery party for tweens is such a great idea! We just went to the park the other day and were given a list of murder mystery dinners they are having at Winton Woods and I would love to go sometime! Now I’m wanting a murder mystery party for my birthday! LOL!

  5. Hi Steph, as a murder mystery writer for Mystery Fox, I am always on the lookout for trends/ideas/inspiration for both writing and hosting mystery parties. You said it brilliantly, mystery parties can be simultaneously fun and wholesome. We are currently working on a line of mysteries that are safe for church, work, children, etc., but we still want to build the suspense inherent in the traditional murder mystery parties, as well as retain the “whodunit” theme. We love the idea of a “missing person,” but want to take out the possibility of a kidnapping. We have also toyed with the idea of a thief, saboteur, or white-collar criminal, keeping the gore/violence level similar to that of Nancy Drew. Thank you for offering this inspiration and reminding us that there will be a client base for a more wholesome line of mysteries.

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