Easy On The Language


Last night we celebrated my daughters 10th birthday. We swapped stories about her being a baby and I reflected back on what I thought having kids would be like.

After the party in an effort to avoid cleaning I flipped the TV on. Within seconds I was blasted with words I would not want her to hear.

Sure, some of them were bleeped but what gets censored now is still only a fraction from what I heard growing up.

I get it. Freedom of Speech. You can say whatever the *bleep* you want. But, guess what…just because you can say it doesn’t mean I want to hear it.

When we went shopping the other day I felt that I had to dodge an aisle in the Target toy aisle because a guy decided to wear a shirt that had the F word on it.

I feel like in daily conversations even with my mommy friends I am hearing it slip in and cussing just seems to be an acceptable form of communicating.

Here is my 2cents. Be considerate of where you are and who you are around.

If you want to talk like that, your right. Go ahead. But, if my kids are around please refrain.

Not everyone wants to expose or explain those words to their little sponges aka children.

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11 thoughts on “Easy On The Language

  1. It is sad that I feel this way all of the time – I can’t believe that people use foul language in public places and so LOUD. We were at lunch just last week and someone dropped the F-Bomb so of course my reaction is to start screaming over it it so my son wouldn’t hear – I think he thought I was losing it :-)

  2. I agree. There is a time and a place and in a store or restaurant or any where in public is not the time or place for curse words. I saw someone wearing a shirt at the local dog park that had such an inappropriate saying on it that my kids and I left.

    • It just doesn’t take a lot to be courteous, of course I don’t think I would ever buy a shirt with an expletive on it, but I would hope those who do know that where kids could be isn’t a good place to wear it!

  3. When I was little my parents got a box for our T.V. called “curse free T.V.’ – it bleeped out the curse words, and they would replace it with another word – my sister and I still laugh sometimes because when we see the word ‘hug’ (that’s what they used for sex) it just strikes us funny.
    I completely agree though – We had an issue at the hockey game a few weeks ago – there is no respect or concern for children anymore. It’s sad.

  4. I’m totally with you. There’s a time and a place where people who want to talk like that can without worry about offending me OR my child overhearing (I’m thinking like happy hour or 2am at Taco Bell or something). And it’s not just curse words; it can be topics like cross-dressing or what you did last night that you regret, etc etc.

    I think folks just don’t *think* about who can overhear their conversations or read their shirts or whatever. Or they just don’t care.

    We had a SIRS jar when I was growing up; we couldn’t say stupid, idiot, retard or shut up or we had to put money in the jar. Plus the “real” curse words cost extra. We went on vacation with the jar money LOL

    • I hope that my kids don’t ever need that type of jar but I am stealing that idea if we ever do! I should say when we do…even though they don’t hear that language from us it is bound to come into their ears one way or another!

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