Heart Hair Clip Tutorial

Valentines Day is on Monday but we wear hearts all year round so these clips get a lot of use around our house!

Here are the supplies needed!

Alligator Clips


Hot Glue Gun and Sticks


Start by lining your clip. I like to clip the ribbon in the middle and run the glue along the top in the center.


When lining the clip leave the bottom half of the partially exposed. It helps the clip slide in the hair easily.


Now take 2 pieces of ribbon equally cut. About 2 inches but you will trim so it doesn’t need to be exact.


Now you are going to glue the tops pieces together. With this velvet glitter ribbon that I am using you glue the glitter sides together.


Now you will shape your heart and with the bottoms glue it at the bottom overlapping them. Cut off excess at the bottom.


Now get your clip ready and dab a dot of glue at the pinch part on top and a bead of glue toward the bottom of the clip and attach your heart. You will need to hold firm but not squish it.


But wait there is more! You can do the heart another way! Cut two pieces of equal ribbon and made a wide V gluing at the bottom.


Then you are going to glue the top together just like the bottom.


It looks a little floppy but then you shape it when you attach it to your clip.


Now you have TWO! But, wait there is MORE! For separate shipping and handling you can visit me next week to learn how to make these hidden beauties!



Do you think I have a future in infomercials? I think I will stick with crafting.


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