PB Inspired Kids Art Lazy Susan

If any of your homes resemble mine, then it would be safe to say that sometimes craft supplies are not easily controlled. I don’t have a craft room so my supplies travel to wherever I am working. Not the best influence for my budding crafters because I find markers and crayons everywhere in my house. We had an art bucket but it had overflow and things were just scattered together and things got lost or broken easily. Then I saw this Lazy Susan from Pottery Barn Kids. The idea was pretty genius, but I wasn’t keen on the price tag. So, I to the goodwill I went in search for a lazy susan and my favorite thrifting joint did not disappoint.


Isn’t it lovely? Not! It looks like a child size roulette table! But I had other ideas in mind for this beauty! I spray painted it black and the handle silver then I found these pencil holders at the dollar store. So, for a $9 total pricetag I am pretty thrilled with the results.


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8 thoughts on “PB Inspired Kids Art Lazy Susan

  1. I just saw those pencil holders at the dollar store and didn’t give them a second thought – now I am. I love that it is on a lazy susan – perfect for kids around the table – hmmm.

  2. That is a great idea! I can just picture a group of kids laying on their stomachs coloring, with this in the middle. I am filing this idea away for future use!

    Thank you for linking up to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

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