Mod Podge Family Monogram

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Do you ever see a project that you see that you get a little giddy about doing? Well, this one made me giddy. I have long looked for the right for my house, but they were too big, too little, wrong font or just not right for my house. I knew the spot that I wanted to put something but it needed to big but not overpowering. Then I came across this link. It was the right size and of course it meant crafting. So, my hunt for the giant M began. My JoAnn’s only had a a giant Q left and so I was left to order it online, but the M was sold out. Later than week it came back in stock and I eagerly ordered it only to have my order canceled two days later when it was out of sold out. This was weeks ago and then last week I got an email saying it was back in stock. Again, I ordered it right away, but not with so much anticipation because I was pretty sure my order would just get canceled again and then I got a knock at my door and my heart fluttered a little bit when I saw the box. My urban myth initial really existed. The prince was asleep when the box came so I had a solid hour and a half to make copies of my favorite pictures. I found it best to copy the pictures my my printers draft setting, it made them a little lighter and easier to see, plus it saved ink! I mod podged the pictures on and carefully worked on the edges and then made a thin layer of mod podge over the whole thing. End of story, love it!

Here is the side view:

And here is a better picture of the scale all 23.5 inches of its glory and where it lives happily in my entry way.


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300 thoughts on “Mod Podge Family Monogram

  1. I love this idea! Have you seen this week’s “one sheet of foam” series on Dawn’s blog Wacky Whimsy? She shares how to use builder’s extruded foam insulation sheets to make large monograms and other things.

  2. This turned out fantastic! What kind of paper did you use printing out your photos? Did any of the ink smear when you put the mod podge on? Love it!

  3. That turned out great… I think I might have to try something like this…

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party.

  4. I LOVE that. I collect letters and numbers, and my first and last name both begin with an L. I can’t wait to try this!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love this! I want to make a monogram wall in our house and this would be a unique way to add to it! Thanks-we are “M” people too!

  6. Wow, you ARE patient! I would have given up! It turned out so beautiful. I love it. It’s something I’m considering for my home! Great job!

  7. This is SO cute. Maybe first initials of each family member with just their picture on each of those. Different fonts letter size? I love what you’ve done.

    • i was thinking the same thing … we have a toy room and I am planning of doing the first initial for each child with just pictures of them on it! I cannot wait to do this!

    • I was thinking the exact thing! Initials for each of my boys with pics of just them in their own rooms! They can even help pick out their favorite pictures! Can then do my husband and my initials with pics of us before we had kids to put in our room or somewhere upstairs with our family initial and pics downstairs in the family room! Love this idea!

  8. Thanks so much for linking up last week at craft schooling Sunday! I’m goint to share this with my readers this week and hope you’ll drop by again!
    all the best!

  9. OMG! This has got to be my favorite entry from the CSI project this week! I’m so inspired by your family monogram *and my husband too* that he’s decided to finally pull the scroll saw out and cut me a “J” so that I can make a similar monogram… maybe even do multiple letters for various family christmas gifts! LOVE this idea–thank you for the creative juices!!! Keep them coming!

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    • I made my own letters out of poster board and then paper mached them, painted them black , then mod podged pictures over that. They turned out great! I’m out in the sticks and couldn’t find any letters anywhere. I found a pin on pintrest about making your own letters then I found this idea on pintrest too. Awesome!!

      • where did you fing the sight to make the letter. I also live out in the sticks and it is hard to find things you would like to use.

      • I purchased my letter from Joann’s online. Sorry, not sure of the link to make your own! Mod podge can be purchased on if you can’t find it locally.

    • I got mine at Hobby Lobby and the manufactor was Darcie. You can order then online at Hobby Lobby too, Good Luck!

  12. So you print pictures out on regular copy paper and use modge podge? LOL-Im new to all this crafting stuff but am really interested in making a few of these for some friends! Im guessing it doesnt work with just using the actual picture?

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  14. u use just regular gule on the pictures, and these pictures can be scan to black and white photos, and let dry and then put on hodge podge? Sorry not real crafty

  15. can u scan the pictures from cumputer to make black and white photos, and u use regular gule on the photos let dry and then use hodge podge. new at crafts lol

  16. Certain letters are hard to find on Joanne’s website. Found them on Amazon (thru Drice)……… paid a little more, but that’s okay. I love this.

  17. cannot find 23.5 inch letters, please let me know also what is the thickness and is the M you used paper mache or wood ? Thanks so much

  18. Hello, I am trying this project, and I am having a problem with the photo wrinkling. Did yours do that? Also do you suggest mod podge to the back of the photo to make it stick better, or just over the top. ? Thanks for your advise in advance.

    • I sent you an email but for general reference I will add it here as well. The wrinkles are probably too much mod podge. You only need a very thin layer and you can use a credit card to help smooth out the wrinkles if it is not already to saturated.

      • If you look through the comments I have listed what steps I took. I did this project 3 years ago, so I apologize but can’t reproduce this as a tutorial. I suggest looking at you tube for mod podge tutorials if you are new to working with that medium.

  19. I just want to get the printing correct? Did you have the pictures on your computer and you printed them off from there (if so what is draft setting?) or did you put the picture in like the area to scan and push black copy? I printed one off my computer and it worked pretty good but it looks like some of it discolored on the outside? I am making the letters for family for Christmas tomorrow 12/14/2011 and dont want to get all the pictures on there and I printed them wrong aha.

    • I am sorry I have no experience with a spray mod podge! I always use the gluey kind in a jar! If pictures printed out to dark I copied it in gray scale. Perhaps that would be less ink to smear!

  20. I have looked on every site for a letter N that is 23 1/2 tall and I have had no luck. IS there any link at all that has one?

  21. I noticed that there are a ton of different forms of Mod Podge. What type did you use to complete this project? I am super excited to do something so adorable!

    • Get a paper mâché letter. Print out pictures on regular ink jet and photocopy paper. Cut out pictures and apply to letter with a thin coat of mod podge directly on to the letter. Keep pictures smooth and work photos on until you get your desired look and then a thin coat of mod podge over it to seal and protect it.

      • I tried this today and all of the pictures smear and turn blue. I took color pictures, copied them on my copier, set to black and white and copied them on regular white copier paper. What am I doing wrong? I have 5 large letters to do for Christmas gifts and this isn’t working. Any help would be great!!!.

      • It sounds like you didn’t print in grayscale. You want minimal ink on the paper. Also perhaps too much mod podge. It is a very very thin layer. If you use too much mod podge and there is too much ink you will get a goopy smear like you are describing!

  22. I would really love to do this but I have not been able to find the letters to do it. I have looked at Michaels and Joann Fabrics but I still can’t find them. Where did you get your letter?

  23. Steph, Thanks for this fantastic idea. I am married to a United Methodist Pastor & I love to help plan & decorate for many bridal showers. I also have the privildge of directing some of the weddings. It’s a passion I have. I have been a RN for 30 years & have 2 grown sons. My husband & I have always been involved with youth ministry in our churches & we have wonderful relationships with most of the youth. I hope I can find 3 letters for upcoming showers and I will be sure you receive credit.\ Sandy Wright

  24. I loved this idea so much, I too was giddy with excitement over it! I actually drew my letter on a large thick piece of wood that we had as a scrap in the garage and had my husband cut it out using a jigsaw. Since my wood wasn’t as thick I used fabric on the edges to add some color to the letter. Thank you so much for this idea. I gave it to a first time mother for her baby’s 1st b-day. And was surprised at how little time it actually took me.

      • I have finnal yfound that this is done on a wood letter? It really does not say when to apply the Pod Modge Which I have never used in my life… ha Can you help by giving step by step instructions that you used. I want to attemp this for a wedding gift. Thank you!!!!!!!

  25. I made this tonight for my niece who is turning 1 this weekend. I used pictures from the entire year – thank goodness I have a family who likes to take pictures a lot! It came out awesome! I want to thank you for your wonderful idea – and probably helping me win Aunt of the Year :)

  26. I love this! i want to make it as a mothers day gift for my boyfriends mom. please could you tell me how you made it?? or an easy way that i could make one similar to this??

    • Have your photos on copy paper, apply a thin layer of mod podge to your letter. Arrange your pictures using a credit card to smooth out paper, paying careful attention to the sides. Cover your letter with another layer mod podge. Work any creases out and smooth your edges.

      That is it!

      • So I’m alittle new to this please forgive me but what exactly is mod podge? And what is it used for? Lol totally love the idea I just didn’t know what mod podge was. :)

  27. Ok I saw this on Pinterest and I have been obsessed ever since, but I have one big problem! I am not artistic and don’t even know where to start. I know I need to by the letter from Joannes or Michael’s…and thats about it! If it is not too much, I would really appreciate step by step instructions..thank you!

  28. Hello.. I love this idea! Just 2 quick question… First can I use color photo’s? and second what website did you order the letter from?!?? I can’t seem to find it… Oh Yeah that glue can I get it at Walmart?

    • I have read in other comments that they used color photos successfully, however I have not tried it myself. I ordered mine from Joann’s although in other comments readers have given other store links. Mod podge should be available at any craft store and most likely at Walmart as well.

  29. I am having trouble finding the letter M that I need. Do you have suggestions of other sites to look at? Also, I have never done this type of thing before so if you are interested in a step by step guide that would be great. Thanks.

    • If you look in the comments you will see step by step instructions. This project was done 3 years ago, so I am not sure on the best places to get the letters now but others have listed some great options. I am on bed rest due to pregnancy now so I apologize for not being able to do a photo step by step.

  30. I apologize for not reading ALL the comments. You may have answered this already. What is the “M” made of before you added the pictures and how big is it? THANKS!

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  33. I have read through all the comments and your multiple answers for the how-to on this project. Did not see what I am looking for: you describe attaching the photos to the letter using Mod Podge and I have never used it at all. This is probably a dumb question but do you apply it to the backs of the photos as you would liquid glue, or do you lay it on the letter and apply over the photo? You describe using a credit card to smooth out wrinkles so obviously it becomes wet. Then you wrote to apply another coat to seal so just want to clarify. You are patient to keep repeating answers when they have already been answered in previous comments! Thank you!

    • Your mod podge is your glue. Using a paint brush apply the mod podge to the letter and then apply your copies picture. It will absorb the glue and adhere. You only have a short time where each piece is malleable so only work on one section at a time. This is when you can use a credit card to smooth out any bubbles. Does that help? I suggest looking up mod podge on you tube and there are a plethora of tutorials. I am still on bed rest so I can’t do any tutorials at this time.

  34. Did you use regular plain white paper or photo sheets to print the photos? …..what an amazing project! I can’t wait to make it!!

  35. I love this idea! I think I am going to do this with first letter of my kids first names. I will then take the letters and place them in my living room! Thank you for this wonderful idea! :)

  36. I tried this and the ink on my pictures smeared horribly when I applied the Modge podge. My puctures were printed on reg computer paper on grayscale, and were printed several days before I started so the ink was dry? Any suggestions?

  37. QUESTION? Did you transfer the pictures on or did you just lay them on and then use the Modge Podge? Also is this letter you used from Michael’s made of wood?

      • I went to Joann’s and found the letter I wanted and picked up the Modge Podge Matte. Just want to make sure I understand the steps involved. Transfer the pictures in small section onto the letter that has been applied with the Modge Podge which holds the picture in place, which holds the picture in place, right? Then after all the pictures are put on, then finalize by brushing the Modge Podge all over the pictures or do I add a topping on each small picture as I am placing them, then once all are put on, then put a final layer of Modge Podge on. I am totally craft illiterate. Just trying to make sure I get it right before I start it.

        Thanks, so much for your reply.

      • I am working with the letter “S” and talk about complicatons. Finding it very difficult to shape the pictures to the curves. Any suggestions?

  38. I cant wait to try this! This just might be a christmas gift I can do for family members….think grandparents would love it with all their grandkids!

  39. I just love this! I have spent most of the day trying to find a 23.5″ letter. I went to Joanne fabrics and they tell me they don’t sell them that large. 12″ is as large as they have. I tried ordering on line from them but their largest letter is 8 inches. Is there a special link where you ordered it from? I really, really want to make this. I have all my pictures printed out and ready to go. Please help me find the link. Thank you so much!

    • Never mind my comment. After reading through all these comments, I happened to notice that the letter was not made of wood but paper mache. I’m sure that will make a big difference when ordering.

  40. My first project was also an S, rather difficult placing the photos on it, also when i put the med pldge on the photos it turned the photos slightly a pinkish color, any answers?

  41. I just want to say…you have the patience of a saint! You have answered everyone’s questions (and many duplicate questions) and continue to answer everyone’s questions. Thank you for continuing to respond to everyone. I can’t wait to make my photo “M” and want to thank everyone for asking the questions. Now I don’t have to ask any and can begin with confidence!! Great project!

  42. I just found 23 1/2 monogram letters at Pat Catan craft store in Springfiled, Ohio. It cost me about $7.50. Great deal! If they have a website, they might be able to be gotten there.

  43. Hello! From Ontario Canada and Joann’s dosent ship here. We have michales arts and crafts, what is this lettering called? Really want to do this for my sons first birthday

  44. Thanks for the coolest idea. We went to Joann’s and got the letters (also found them online at . They also had 8 inch letters if you have a smaller space, or, like me you want to add to your idea. I got the large M for the middle and the smaller letters for my daughter and my first names. I put only pics of me on one and only pics of her on the other. The big M is pictures of both of us. It makes for an amazing wall monogram! If you had a larger family you could spiral the small letters around the larger one and put family pics on the larger one. Making an L today for my brother-in-law for Fathers’ Day.

    Love, love, love the project!!

  45. All you did was place the pics on the letter and then add a thin layer of mod podge? And the pics completely stay to the letter then? How did you apply the modge podge also? With a paint brush?

  46. Hi, I was wondering what kind of Mod Podge you used for this? I’m new to this stuff, I just bought some, it’s the gloss kind and I’ve been looking around for projects trying to find out which Mod Podge works best for whatever project I’m working on. Any ideas?


  47. did you use the matte mod podge? or shine? I did a P for my daugther of her 1st two years of college and I had a problem with it smearing..from just putting the pic. on so I bought a spray for my top coats.
    it still turned out super cute!! but, wondering what I did wrong?

  48. did you put one picture on at a time and then let it dry, or did you just work all the way through? You didn’t have any trouble with ink or smearing from one picture to another? I think this is a fantastic idea for any home to fill in a spot that just needs “something”!!!

    • I worked through the whole project. Put the mod podfe down thinly, picture down, repeat until my M was covered. At the end is when I did the top coat. By the time I was finished it was dry and also make sure that the pictures that you print or copy are completely dry. I think that and too much mod podge would be the only reson for smudging.

  49. I looked through comments but couldn’t find an answer..would I be able to use just regular photos on this instead of copying them and printing them?

  50. I love this, I am going to spell out my son’s name and do this for graduation party instead of just poster boards full of pictures. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    • I just use the mod podge made by Plaid that you can get at any craft or hobby store but I know that you can also use a regular elmers glue watered down as well. But, I feel much more comfortable with my good old Mod Podge! One jar is more than enough for this project!

  51. When I had seen this on Pintrest, I could hear the Angels singing in the background!! I showed it to my husband and said, “this is what I am making your parents for Christmas!” I found a big B at Hobby Lobby….now to get everyone to send me their pictures since I want all of my husbands family on the B!

  52. Here’s where I just found the letters today: They only have the 12-inch ones on the website but can very easily special order the larger ones. The person who answered the phone was pleasant & easy to deal with — yay! I’ve got all my letters, my paint brush & my Mod Podge and will get started on this gift for my niece this weekend. Thanks for a terrific project & congratulations on the new baby.

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  55. I’m about to make this project and I’m testing the modge podge on a photo before just so I can see the finish, but how do you avoid streaks on the finish when you cover the whole thing in the end?

  56. Love this idea! Plus the one about each kid. I was wanting to do a picture wall and this could be the focal point. Do you think you could use original photos? I have so many I won’t scrapbook!

  57. This is such a fabulous idea. Going to make a couple as gifts. Thank you very much for your creativity. Also, wanted to thank you for your patience in answering the same questions over and over again. I read all the comments and was impressed with your personalized attention to each comment.

    • Have you tried printing them in grayscale or the ink save mode? Sometimes the regular black and white doesn’t give enough detail. Other than that I am not sure. Perhaps take them to be printed at a kinkos instead of from a home printer.

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  59. ok my last name starts with a “C” and this is very hard! I can’t figure out the best way to even start to put the pictures around the letter! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really want to do it.

    • On curvy letters, I suggest not wrapping but rather laying it out on your letter and marking your picture then cut using and exacto knife to get a clean edge. You can do the insides with a different unwrapped picture or even paint it black. I think it would look “cleaner” hope that helps!

      • I love this idea! I did a project similar to this for my parents 40th anniversary. I bought a big clear round platter and used modge podge to put their wedding picture in the center and then surrounded it with pictures of myself, sisters, and the grandkids. I used pics from the time we were babies all the way up to the present. It turned out beautifully! Thanks for the new inspiration!

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  62. I was wondering if the letter is wooden? Does it matter if it is finished or not? Also what is the width of the letter? I loce this idea ans hope mine looks as good as yours! Thanks:)

  63. I am going to make this for my grandkids. I know the girls would like it but not sure about the boys. Do you think a 13 and 14 year old boy would like this in their bedroom?

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  67. Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say
    I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?
    Thank you!

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  69. I finally got mine done and it looks GREAT! Thanks for the idea! I am gonna make my mom, gma, and in-laws one for Christmas!!

  70. Ok, I am having a problem. When I put the coat of mod podge on after the picture is attached, the picture is kinda taking on a green tint? I didn’t get my letter from Joanne’s fabric, do you think that has something to do with it? I don’t know why, I printed the pictures out in black and white. Please help!!

    • I am sorry I missed this earlier! Are you printing in gray scale or on an ink saver mode? That is what I did and in my opinion it was less ink to be left to possibly smear. Also, it is very thin coats of mod podge. I hope that helps!

  71. WOW, I must say, you are a Saint to patiently answer ALL these questions! I am going to give this a try, but my letters are horrible…LOL!! There will be three, one for each daughter, S…R…S. Wish me LUCK!!!!

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  74. I bought a wooden letter with hooks already on the back from hobby lobby. I printed color pictures out on regular paper. I modge podged the backs and stuck them on the wood. I used a razor blade to cut the edges to make the pictures even with the sides of the letter. I let it dry overnight and will be adding my top coat of modge podge later today. After it drys I may spray it with modge podge acrylic sealer. So far, so good. Thanks for the great idea. I think my sister is going to love it for Christmas. It’s pictures of us when we were little and some as adults.

  75. Hello, I just found this on pinterest and love it! I was wondering if I could just use the pictures that I have printed on photo paper or does it have to be pictures printed on regular paper? This is just what I have been looking for as a statement piece in my home:) Thanks so much!

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  77. Can you make me a modge podge photo letter? I don’t have time to craft right now and need a present. If so, what’s the cost for the letter k

  78. Sorry for bothering you, you have so many questions! just got my paper mache letter and am about to make…do you think it would work just as well with normal photos instead of using printer paper? Don’t have access to a printer and was hoping to use photos I have

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  80. Thank you so much for posting this awesome idea. I have made two of these as gifts and they have been well received. I am now making one for myself.

  81. I saw this on Pinterest while looking for Christmas gifts, but ended up making it for a friend/co-worker that is leaving. It turned out great! I got my letter at Hobby Lobby today, it’s paper mache but only about 16″?? tall which is okay with me. I did see them on Joann’s website too, but they only had little ones in the store. I printed my photos in various sizes in b&w using regular paper, mod podged them on and had no trouble with smearing. Thanks for the idea and for your VERY patient replies to all the questions asked! (No blog so I can’t link, but I wish I could post a picture!)

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  85. I am going to start this project for my daughters graduation , instead of coping pictures off onto copy paper has anyone just used regular photo paper for this ?

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