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Guess who is back?

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A New Start

A little over 8 years ago, I decided that I would journal my craft endeavors and my life as a parent down in blog form. Since then I have written over 500 blog posts, had 2 more children and have done countless more crafts. All this to say that I have grown so much since this blogs humble beginnings and I would love to continue this journey with all of you.

A new domain that I own will give me more freedom to design and develop content that I love and want to share. It will still be about myself, my family, my faith and of course the crafts.

All new blogs postings after this can be found on the new site. All pins from the past will lead you here but I would love if you came and joined me at my new blog home. All the old stuff is still there and lots of new stuff is to come!

Thanks for being a part of A Little Moore. Can’t wait to share more with you there!


Embroidered Bows


Embroidered bows may be my new favorite thing to make! We also might just be into showing our Disneyside!

In a few weeks I will be back open for custom orders! I hope I can outfit your little girls heads with some precious embroidered bows soon!


A Little Less Moore {week 3}


Week 3 was in a sense easier and harder. Exercising has become easier. I start my day with a core workout video which gets a little more tolerable every day and ending the day with a brisk 2 mile walk. My body is starting to crave the right kinds of food because it is recognizing that grease, cheese and starches make my stomach hurt. I have to think that this is God helping me. I never thought I could turn down bread or pasta and my beloved cheese but I think I am finally to the point where I don’t miss it.

What has been harder is that I have been hungrier. I think my body knows I am exerting more energy and needs more but snacking is a a struggle. In the past I would snack on cereal or cheese and crackers and that is out of the question now.

I love salad but raw veggies still are not enjoyable. I have developed a love of juicing which makes veggies so much easier to intake. Things like celery and carrots which I don’t care to eat are delicious in juiced form. However, I am trying to be careful as to not add to much sugar as for right now even too much natural sugar does not add in weight loss.

My sweet tooth found a cure this week in a frozen banana dessert! I made it for my husband this week and even he enjoyed it.



Slice up one frozen banana (easier to slice before freezing! Even works with brown mushy ones!)

Mix in 1/4 tsp of cocoa powder

Mix in 1 tbs of peanut butter or PB2 powder which has all the flavor of peanut butter but it 1/3 of the calories.

I put it in my stand mixer with the paddle and mix until an ice cream consistency.

As far as weight loss, I am now down 13 lbs in one month. I still have not measured inches but I know those are changing too because my clothes are swimming on me. Hesitant to buy anything new right now as my body is rapidly changing but it has been really gratifying to see a change in my clothes even more so than any numbers on the scale.

Dieting Vs. Lifestyle Change


20 years ago I worked out so hard that I nearly passed out in a locker room. I had not eaten in days. A teacher and a few friends confronted me and gave me an ultimatum to tell my parents. I listened and ultimately ended up switching from starvation to binging and purging. I would go a day or two with no food then I would go completely out of control and eat a container of frosting. This was my reality for years. I was so ashamed. I met a boy who made me feel safe, marriage gave me this buffer and somehow my food guilt disappeared and morphed into complete overindulgence. I don’t know how the once 87 lb teen turned into a 180 lb adult. There have been moments where I wanted to be skinny again but it never truly happened because I didn’t know how because I was never successful at a diet.

So when God called me on my crap I knew that this was it. No excuses were going to suffice to avoid it. He wasn’t calling me to lose weight, the calling was to be healthy.

Diets have ends and loopholes. I really don’t want to live a life that is that easy to give up on. A true lifestyle change is saying this is the new me. A dessert ever few weeks is not the end or a reason to give up. Moderation has to be my new normal.

Today I made it through an entire workout. No stops. Even with a baby jumping on my back mid plank. The point is that 3 weeks ago I couldn’t do a plank at all. When this started a few weeks ago the goal was health and it has to remain that. Numbers on the scale are encouraging but I don’t have a goal. Just a long healthy life. Thankful for this chance to make this change and for this shift in my brain that has happened.

I used to see the quote “you can do hard things” and think maybe you can but if it isn’t easy I don’t want to do it. The epitome of laziness right here. But, saying no to complacency and yes to hard work as completely revitalized my outlook on life.

Can I really be healthy after years of abusing food as a drug? Is it possible for me to change my body type without old habits reappearing? Even at my skinniest, I was never healthy.

Today at 169 lbs and 34 years old I am on my way to saying I am healthy and unashamed of this body. It has given me three beautiful children.

So nope, this is not a diet. A lifelong journey if health and happiness. Sign me up. I can do hard things and this just the beginning.